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Volunteer FAQs

We wouldn’t be able to have ¡Viva! Streets without amazing volunteers.


On the day of ¡Viva! Streets, we’re looking for volunteers to help with multiple aspects of the event:

  • Answer questions and share information at road closures along the event route

  • Assist DPD officers at traffic crossing points with banners that signal when it’s safe to cross for people walking and biking

  • Sharing information, answering questions, and distributing surveys at an activity hub

Thank you for your help to make ¡Viva! Streets a success this summer!

What are the perks of being a ¡Viva! Streets Volunteer?​

There are many perks to volunteering at ¡Viva! Streets, including: 

  • Meeting new people who are passionate about Denver and ¡Viva! Streets

  • An exclusive ¡Viva! Streets volunteer shirt

  • Free snacks 

Are group opportunities available?

We welcome volunteer groups at ¡Viva! Streets. We consider “groups” of 4 or more individuals. If you wish to sign up as a group, please fill out our Volunteer Form or reach out to

When can I volunteer?

We’ll need the most volunteer help on event day shifts from 7:30 am - 11:00 am and 10:30 am - 2:30 pm, however, additional help may be needed before or after ¡Viva! Streets. Non-event day opportunities include: door-to-door outreach, surveying & evaluation, community engagement, and other activities. If you want to volunteer with the ¡Viva! Streets team before and after event days sign up for ¡Viva! Streets's Volunteer Mailing List or email 

What if I need to cancel or change my volunteer shift?

We're counting on you to be at the shift you signed up for, so if something comes up, please let us know as soon as possible so we can fill the shift! If you need to cancel or change a shift, please contact  Looking for extra credit? Help our team find a replacement for your shift when you cancel or change by sharing the opportunity with your friends and family.


If an emergency requires you to change or cancel a shift within 48 hours notice, please call 303.834.7102.

Can I bring other people, pets, or children with me on my volunteer shift?

Pets are not allowed on your volunteer shift.


Children under 18 may accompany a parent or guardian who is volunteering as long as they remain under their supervision.


Friends are absolutely allowed! Consider signing up as a group for your shift. If you have questions, please contact

Is there volunteer training available?

There will be training webinars and recorded videos available to you before each event. Keep an eye on your email, the ¡Viva! Streets team will be sending updates as webinars are scheduled before each event.


¡Viva! Streets will also send volunteers a training document with details about your role at ¡Viva! Streets. On the day of the event you will report to a Hub Captain at the beginning of your shift who will answer any questions you may have.

Can I volunteer at ¡Viva! Streets for community service hours?

Volunteering at ¡Viva! Streets are also acceptable for anyone in need of community service hours for school, or any other service requirement. Please contact to sign community service sheets.

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