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Getting Around

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We encourage everyone to bike, walk, or take transit to ¡Viva! Streets. Use Google Maps to find suggested biking, walking, and transit directions. 


Bring your bike, running shoes, roller blades, or favorite way to get around to ¡Viva! Streets and explore the route!


While ¡Viva! Streets does not provide bike or scooter rentals, our partners Lyft and Lime do! Check out Lyft at the PNC Bank Five Points Activity Hub and Lime at the Gates Corporation South Broadway Activity Hub for bike and scooter rentals. Remember to ride safe and be mindful of others as you maintain a safe speed on the route.

AARP will also be offering free pedicab rides between the hubs.

Route Map

Check out the route map to see everything that will be going on at ¡Viva! Streets!

Road Closures

The route will be closed to vehicles from approximately 6AM to 6PM on Sunday, August 6. The event runs from 8AM to 2PM, and streets will be fully open to cars by approximately 6PM.


On Sunday, August 6, Broadway from Maple to 20th and Welton from 20th to 28th will be closed to car traffic. No parking will be allowed on these streets after midnight on Sunday, August 6. Cars will be able to cross the route at designated intersections.​


Designated vehicle crossing points:

  • Park

  • 20th

  • 18th

  • 17th

  • Colfax

  • 8th

  • Speer

  • 6th

Transit Detours

All RTD buses and trains will be detoured from the ¡Viva! Streets route during anticipated impact times of 6AM to 6PM. Review the transit detour map for information on bus and rail detours during the event.

Parking Restrictions

No parking is allowed on the route after midnight on Sunday, August 6. Parking restrictions will be posted and towing will be enforced. Please do not leave your car parked overnight on Saturday, August 5 on Broadway or Welton Streets or in a garage or lot accessed by these roads if you plan to use it on Sunday, August 6.

Vehicle Access

No vehicles are allowed on the route from approximately 6AM to 6PM. There are vehicle crossing points at several intersections where vehicles can cross the route. Find these crossings on the route map.

Driveway Access

All driveways on the route will be blocked and inaccessible beginning at 6AM on Sunday, August 6. If your vehicle is parked in your driveway and you need to use it after 6AM on Sunday, August 6, please park elsewhere Saturday evening (August 5) as the vehicle will be inaccessible until approximately 6PM on Sunday, August 6. Vehicles will not be allowed to enter or exit the route during the event.

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